Thoughts – Tip Two


As we move into the holiday season (gulp) I will post a few health tips, and gentle reminders to help keep us present and focused on those things that really matter. Life is crazy enough, so if you need to move inward, give yourself permission to do so.

Thought number two – Take walks, often with friends, partners and alone.

I have been walking a lot these days. It helps me to clear my head, adds a splash of color to my cheeks and reminds me what a beautiful city I live in. Don’t be afraid to walk alone, or to leave your family for a few moments to breathe in your surroundings and return with a renewed sense of self. Walking has the power to re-frame our mindset and walking or hiking with a great group of friends can lift the spirit beyond measure!

Thank you!


We are still wrapped in all kinds of nature colors to be able to share our love of the natural world with families all around the globe. We are most grateful for a recent spread in the 20 Minuten (Zurich and Basel editions) for their coverage of our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland. Our hope is that families are inspired to experience all of the magic nature has to offer and Switzerland is the perfect place to experience that beauty.

Thank you and to pick-up one of our books, please visit the following website!

Why Children NEED Nature


There is something so beautiful about creating a project with deep regard and passion. When we wrote our book,  Fresh Air Kids Switzerland, it was a culmination of years spent on the trail as a family and over the course of those years we have come to notice that our children thrive in nature. Not only does nature provide a gorgeous backdrop for our family to bond and explore, but it allows our child the opportunity to be children.

Listed below are benefits of nature, so get plenty-today.

1. Vitamin D Absorption – the body absorbs Vitamin D when sunlight penetrates the skin. Get healthy, stay healthy.

2. Physical and Mental Benefits – the opportunity to exercise in nature is abundant allowing children the chance to move their bodies freely. Kids need this and so do we!

Doctors are now prescribing nature as a way to ward off stress and anxiety in adults and children.

Nature may also help lessen ADHD/ADD symptoms in children. Hmm…too much time in the classroom, not enough time outdoors…perhaps.

3. Nature may help prevent Nature Deficit Disorder, a term coined by Richard Louv, which is define by individuals having limited exposure to the natural world. We need nature.

4. Nature provides a natural slowing down and has a calming effect on children.

5. Freedom – nature provides freedom through unorganized and unstructured play time – children have come to crave this in their highly structured, over scheduled lives.

Step out into the natural world and observe how your children see the world differently.


If you are interested in having the authors of Fresh Air Kids talk at your organization regarding, “The Education of Nature,” talks can be custom made to suit the needs of your organization or school.

Order A Book!


Photo credit HELVETIQ

We are pleased to announce that our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is now available through the Book Depository. If you are residing outside of Switzerland and looking for a way to purchase our book (free of shipping costs), pop on over to the Book Depository  and order your copy today. Then all you have to do is book your tickets to Switzerland and hit the trails!

*The book description is in German, however, the book is listed in English. To read more details on our book, click here.