Switzerland is home to over 65,000km of impressive hiking trails, but where do you hike with children? We are familiar with that question because all those years ago when we welcomed our son into our lives we wondered the exact same thing.

Well, after years of hiking, we thought it was time to put together a book that answers all of your pressing questions about hiking with children.

You know…

How do I hike with children?

Is it safe to hike with children?

Where do we hike with children?

How do we read trail markers and how do we know if the route is safe?

Is there anything fun, or of interest along the route for our children to see or do?

How do we keep our children hiking when the going gets tough?

We answered all of your questions and more. With over 52 family approved hikes,  in 19 of the 26 cantons in Switzerland, there is a hike waiting for you!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of our book and getting inspired by one of the many trails we outline in Switzerland, simply click here and happy trails!

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – 52 Inspiring Hikes That Will Make Kids and Parents Happy.

Getting the most out of the hiking season


Oh, this weather! It has been warm and lovely.  We have spent the last two weekends home, biking, exploring and just relishing in the opportunity to be still, which for us is very rare. Now, however, we are ramping up for more travel and more fun, despite work and school schedules.

We don’t officially welcome the autumn until September 23rd, so it is time to make the most of the hiking season. While autumn is our favorite time of the year to hike (think gorgeous colors, crisp temperatures, fresh apples, pumpkins, sweater weather and the opportunity to marvel in a warm cup of coffee…bliss!) we must make the most of this season.

When hiking during the school year, here are a few tips to make the most of your weekends.

1. You don’t have to go far to enjoy gorgeous scenery.

2. Overnights are great, but day trips can be just as meaningful.

3. Wear and pack layers.

4. Explore new areas and enjoy the fact that most, if not all, of the snow has melted!

5. Return to old favorites, which never, ever disappoint!

If you are looking for inspiration, we adore the Luzern area!

Fresh Air Kids – What People Are Saying


Photo credit: HELVETIQ

Writing a book is an incredible experience, especially when that experience has been a life-long dream. We still smile whenever we touch our book, flip through the pages and see images of my children with hiking boots on in remarkable locations.

Having that said, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is so much more to us than just a hiking book. For us, it is about connecting families to the natural world. Teaching children, or, the next generation, to care for a world that desperately requires our love and attention. It is about slowing down, returning to our roots, and finding tiny miracles on a network of trails that is vast, gorgeous and accessible. It is about falling in love with the outdoors, awakening our senses and discovering moments that leave us with tears in our eyes and wonder in our souls.

We are grateful for all of the support we have received as we promote our book and as we continue to share our love of nature with families across Switzerland.  Our deep hope is that we have done right by our readers and continue to spark awe and joy through the hikes we share with you. Be well and hike on!

Here is what people are saying about Fresh Air Kids Switzerland…

“Thank you for the amazing book.” – Amanda

Thanks Fresh Air Kids for all the tips and suggestions. We went on our first hike from your book to Reinach on the Skulpturenweg and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so handy to know before hand details like how many kilometers it was and roughly how much time we would need. Already planning our next hike. Thanks again, your book really entices one outdoors and what’s more, its incredibly helpful for inexperienced hikers like ourselves. It’s fabulous. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Rozanne

Discover new places, make new friends, and live the Switzerland dream! Fresh Air Kids is for all ages and our family of teens were very thankful for the tips provided by the Grindelwald First hike. We discovered a suspension bridge, woke up to unbelievable views and enjoyed the cable car ride back down the mountain. This book is a must have for every out door backpack. –Nicole Scoles, Basel West GGG Stadtbibliothek Librarian

“I love the quality of the book and the texture of its pages.”

“Finding our way with a useful resource.” – Julie

For more information on our book, please click here.



Push Your Kids A Bit Harder


The title of this post is, “Push Your Kids A Bit Harder” and before you go any further, yes, I did say that. We are asked all the time how we get our children to hike. To be honest, that is not a one answer response. The answer to that is a web of several responses, but the importance of my response is that sometimes we have to push our children to cover the kilometers required to complete a hike because we believe there are valuable lessons to be learned by pushing through and completing a required task. There are studies on the value of teaching our children true grit and well, we happen to agree.


No we are not mean, and no, we are not ruthless in our requirements (no Everest prep-hikes here), but we do know that our children are far more capable of covering kilometers than we give them credit for. Let me take a moment to state that we do take adequate breaks, pack plenty of snacks and rarely venture out on a trail that doesn’t offer some type of kid eye-candy for our children to marvel at. We believe that because we live in such a gorgeous, naturally rich country, it would be an injustice not to share the natural world with our children and thus, we hike through forests, on local trails and yes, in the Alps too.


Both of our children are equipped with backpacks, water, snacks, compasses and binoculars, all of which allow them the freedom to pick and choose which items they need and or want at any given time. They both also sport Swiss Army Knives, which they use for whittling sticks and carving. Supervised of course and never while we hike. The natural world has taught them and us for that matter, valuable life lessons, skills, and has provided the backdrop for creating some of our most incredible family memories imaginable.


Of course our children whimper on occasion and whine on the trail, but the number of smiles and miracles uncovered far outweigh the moments of frustration. As parents, we feel one of the greatest gifts we have bestowed upon our children has been the gift of feeling both in awe and comfortable in nature. We hope those gift serve our children well throughout their lifetimes.

On a side note, we teach our readers how to hike with children in our new book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland.