Out of this World

When I first stumbled across this, it seemed bizarre, out of place, alien.  I had to stop, examine the tracks, and study the plant.  Our hike had led us to Lämmerensee, which had started to dry up in the late summer, its clay-like mud surface textured by micro organisms and invaded by macro organisms of human, canine, and aves origin.

Visit this post for more photos of this hike from Gemmipass to Lämmerensee.

Stuck in the mud

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Serene is defined as, “calm, peaceful and untroubled,” which is exactly what we wish for dear friends and family during these difficult times.  Its seems only suiting that the image below was taken in California, home to those that could use serenity in their lives the most.  May peace wash over you.


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On a recent hike in the canton of Jura, Switzerland, we ended in the town of St. Ursanne, a medieval walled-in town with a 12 century church.  This unique area is considered the Jewel of the Jura, and a quick visit, it is easy to see why.  Fascinating architecture, set in the midst of the Jura white stone mountains, is almost a step back in time.  Below are the windows of the cloister next to the church.


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Photo of the Week

Tucked away in the Alps, above the familiar town of Grindelwld, Switzerland, is the wonderful Burghaus Bort.  Open nearly the entire year, they are hosts to hikers, tourists, and at this time of year skiers.  For more information check out a full write up on Burghaus Bort here. This photo was taken on a snowy December evening, a cozy place to stay for the night, or several nights!


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This incredible, bronze statue sits in a nondescript square in a town outside of Toulouse, France.  The sculpture is the remarkable creation of French artist Bruno Catalano.  His sculptures are detailed and leave a great deal to the imagination, often causing individuals to wonder if the work, or life we pack into our briefcases robs us of the very essence of our humanity?  Catalano’s deep, thought – provoking works of art inspire this weeks photo challenge – transmogrify.

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