Early morning; possibly everyone is still sleeping. The light outside is reflecting the surrounding mountains off the lake at the end of the valley.  Instead of waking everyone up to get my camera which is buried under a pile of clothes, I leave with just my phone.  There is a soothing calm outside.  No wind, it is a brisk chilly spring morning.  I sit on the edge of the lake actually enjoying the moment, despite other photographers jockeying for the key spots, tripoding their gear all over the place.  I felt in the moment and not pressured to get ‘the shot’.  Although, in that fluid moment of enjoyment, I remained programmed to snap a few pics.  Below is one which captured the moment the best, the spring can be seen by the excess of pollen along the strands on the lake edge, matching the boat hulls.


This photo was taken on Seealpsee, in the Appenzell region of Switzerland.

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Favorite Place

Can it be that one place, so clearly defines for us, a singular location or meaning that there really is no other? I fear not, but question what is ones interpretation of favorite? What do you mean by place? I have, as I’m sure others do, a collection of favorites each for a different reason: solitude, jaw dropping views, quite, fun, sunset, obscure, creative travel, awesome, fascinating, charitable, etc.

And the other; place… although possible to equate this to a singular GPS datum, perhaps ones “place” is grander than that, a special street, a restaurant, a hike, a cultural experience, a trip with friends, or an entire country! If this is possible, than why not? Here is to our favorite place, Switzerland, for offering us so much for such a small place…

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Out of this World

When I first stumbled across this, it seemed bizarre, out of place, alien.  I had to stop, examine the tracks, and study the plant.  Our hike had led us to Lämmerensee, which had started to dry up in the late summer, its clay-like mud surface textured by micro organisms and invaded by macro organisms of human, canine, and aves origin.

Visit this post for more photos of this hike from Gemmipass to Lämmerensee.

Stuck in the mud

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Serene is defined as, “calm, peaceful and untroubled,” which is exactly what we wish for dear friends and family during these difficult times.  Its seems only suiting that the image below was taken in California, home to those that could use serenity in their lives the most.  May peace wash over you.


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