The Road Taken

East of Porto, Portugal lays the Douro Valley and the Rua do Vinho, and many more meandering roads through a network of terraced vineyards which grow the world’s best port wines. The roads, which ever you choose, show captivating landscapes. Right now, the rains are nurturing the valley soon to bring the start of the 2017 season.

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Owning the Experience

If life is one big experience, then here’s to collecting as many experiences as this humble life will allow no matter how big or small that experience may be.

2012-06-01-Bort_335May we wrap ourselves around the new, excite in the unknown and dive into each opportunity that presents itself, all the while learning to abandon our fears.

2008-05-02 - Sintra 508

May we teach our children to dance and embrace this one beautiful life they were given and provide them with a collection of experiences that will one day make them smile from ear – to – ear.

Hike to Riffelsee 7

May we remember to collect memories instead of things and surround ourselves with those people who value making the most of this life and all it has to give. May we also remind ourselves from time – to – time what we hold dear.

2008-05-02 - Sintra 592

And when things get a bit too stagnant, or mundane for your liking, remember to get out and go, wherever that may be.


Photo of the Week – May 2nd

Just south of Lisabon, is the remote corner of Portugal named Cabo Espichel.  A dramatic coastal cliff surrounds a nearly abandoned church with a light house nearby.  Leave the kids and those who are acrophobic, because there are no railings or walls to keep you away from the cliff edge.  Definitely off the beaten path, but worth a day trip if you are looking for something different.


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