Best of… Photos

Over the past 11 years living abroad, raising two children, stoking the fire of travel, wandering the Alps, and then some, we’ve accumulated a few photos of our travels.  We hope you enjoy them, and if you are curious where we’ve been… click the link and all the best from More2Explore.


This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: All-time Favorites

Botanical Gardens

One of our favorite places to visit is the Botanical Gardens.  All year, it evolves with the seasons, augmenting to the environment, and captivating us differently each time.  On a recent visit, and with the Daily Post’s theme in mind (Lines), we were able to capture many natural elements exhibiting beauty while, in their own way, showing their lines.  In some cases, one must look closely to see natures detail…

This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

For a few other views of these gardens in Switzerland, Here are two other posts:

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Favorite Place

Can it be that one place, so clearly defines for us, a singular location or meaning that there really is no other? I fear not, but question what is ones interpretation of favorite? What do you mean by place? I have, as I’m sure others do, a collection of favorites each for a different reason: solitude, jaw dropping views, quite, fun, sunset, obscure, creative travel, awesome, fascinating, charitable, etc.

And the other; place… although possible to equate this to a singular GPS datum, perhaps ones “place” is grander than that, a special street, a restaurant, a hike, a cultural experience, a trip with friends, or an entire country! If this is possible, than why not? Here is to our favorite place, Switzerland, for offering us so much for such a small place…

This post is part of the Daily Posts Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place