They say most things in life are temporary; nothing lasts forever.  Is that my forever?  My kids forever?  Mankind’s forever?  If we enjoy something, find something that we can appreciate, shouldn’t we make it last as long as we can?

We enjoy hiking, a lot.  Unfortunately, the really nice places to hike, are obvious to mankind’s impact on the environment and in particular, glaciers.  See them while you can.


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2017-07-15-Betmr_524 2014-08-09 - Iceland 477 - Scale
Bettmeralp, Switzerland – Aletsch Glacier Iceland – Mýrdalsjökull Glacier
20151127_Norway_996e 2015-07-04-Trift_836e
Norway – Jostedal Glacier National Park Gadmen, Switzerland – Trift Glacier

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In the Alps #9

The “Into the Alps” photo series are snapshots from various trips we have taken in the Alps. Although the photos are primarily in black and white, they aim to show the natural beauty of the Alps in areas which may be of interest to others. We hope you enjoy this series and that you follow us to be a part of the updates.

Above Grindelwald, Switzerland you can find expansive views of the Alps, particularly the Wetterhorn and the Eiger peaks.  Where the two meet is active valley of rock, glacier and river.  The morning light beams through from behind the Wetterhorn and illuminates this beautiful area.

2008-09-27 - Bort 168es

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On a recent hike in the canton of Jura, Switzerland, we ended in the town of St. Ursanne, a medieval walled-in town with a 12 century church.  This unique area is considered the Jewel of the Jura, and a quick visit, it is easy to see why.  Fascinating architecture, set in the midst of the Jura white stone mountains, is almost a step back in time.  Below are the windows of the cloister next to the church.


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Römerfest MMXVII (2017)

The annual Römerfest takes place in the town of Augst, Switzerland every August.  A short 20 minute bus ride from Basel will get you to the town of Augst, a modern town built on the roman ruins of Augusta Raurica, the oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine river.  Römerfest, is a two day event which provides visitors with much to see and do including family chariot races, concerts, dancing, crafts, war training, history and archeology, and gladiator fights.  It is certainly an interesting event to witness, and if you have ever read the cartoons Asterix and Obelix, then you may find yourself naming the many participants.  A bit of fun in the captions below.  If you are in the Basel area in August, be sure to make your way to this event!

Botanical Macro

The Merian Gärten is perhaps one place in Basel, Switzerland we frequent the most.  All throughout the year, one can find many varieties of flowers, plants and trees.  On a recent visit this August, armed with just a macro lens, we set off to see what we could capture.  The details, textures, and structures are always captivating.  Here is just a sampling from our visit.

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