Photo of the Week


High above Zermatt, Switzerland





The last two weeks in our house have been tough.  Yes, you heard it folks, parenting is one difficult brutal experience at times and these two parents at More 2 Explore are having a real moment.  The other night we tried to put our adult heads together to figure out why our children were so cranky, so rude, and so acting like caged animals.  Hmmm…there must be a reason…right?  Finally after a serious conversation, I think we were able to put our fingers on it.


You see, all summer we spent outside, creating a rhythm that involved simple days in nature.  We would wake, eat breakfast and head out the door to hit the trails, discover, swim, run, and breathe fresh alpine air until night would fall. Don’t get me wrong, there were challenging moments out there too, as there always are, but they were to be expected. Some days we pushed too far, hiked too long, felt hot, thirsty, we didn’t let them play long enough, stay up late enough, or bring home the calf they fell in love with at the Berghaus.  You know, normal kid things that parents just don’t get.

But all of a sudden, that magical dance we had created for nearly six full weeks came to a crashing halt.   We were once again immersed in city life, back in the routine of school, work, and our days are mostly concrete filled.  My kids, in their own way, might have been rebelling against the routines, the noise of the city the lack of nature.  Their defiance surfaced in a plethora of behaviors that left us speechless.


Fresh air, the great outdoors, green spaces, creatures, sun rises and sun sets.   If ever there were a case for nature in the lives of our children, this was one such experience.

The Weekend Retreat- Anenhütte


We aren’t going to lie, it takes a great deal of effort to reach the Anenhütte.  Hikers will sweat and work hard, but the energy required is worth it once you reach the top (as are all good things in this life).  This metal clad building sits literally in the middle of nowhere, which in our humble opinion equates bliss.  The perfect spot to retreat, to seek peace, quiet and a bit of exploration.


This hütte is accessible by foot, helicopter and well, that’s it.  Book your room in advance and marvel in the views, the dorm style rooms and some good eats.  Please note, this is a seasonal location, so prior to making the trek up, be sure to visit their website to determine if they are indeed open and if they have a room for you.


You might just be speechless once you reach the summit.  Our son climbed in the window, sat there for awhile taking in the views.  Not a bad choice buddy, not bad at all.