I’d Rather Be…


…hiking in the Alps!


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Story Time

Throughout the trail network in Switzerland, it is easy to find great spots to stop, take a break from a hike, and recharge your batteries with a warm snack by a fire.  A good pause to enjoy time with friends, family, to socialize and catch up with each other.  For more information about hikes in Switzerland, here are a few of our favorite spring hikes (Ruine Pfeffingen, Ruine Landskron, and Arlesheim to Muttenz), as well as some tips for getting acquainted with hiking in Switzerland, or check our Hiking in Switzerland Page.


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Out of this World

When I first stumbled across this, it seemed bizarre, out of place, alien.  I had to stop, examine the tracks, and study the plant.  Our hike had led us to Lämmerensee, which had started to dry up in the late summer, its clay-like mud surface textured by micro organisms and invaded by macro organisms of human, canine, and aves origin.

Visit this post for more photos of this hike from Gemmipass to Lämmerensee.

Stuck in the mud

This post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of this World


See the Alps – from the inside!

I am a bit fascinated with WWII, perhaps because of the stories my father told me as a child; he lived through it.  Hiking in Switzerland, one often comes across memorials, anti-tank walls, and bunkers, often sometimes hidden away, only revealing themselves when they are right in front of you, like our hike to Lämmerensee.  Recently, on a blitz photo tour of Switzerland, my sister and I visited the bunker of Sasso San Gottardo, one of the Swiss’ best kept secret since 1941.  An impressive 2.5km tunnel network, strategically positioned above the St. Gotthard Pass, with 150mm cannons (27km range!), was declassified in 2001 and remains as a museum.

The bunker is a great visit when traveling over the pass, particularly if you are interested in historic sites, or off the beaten path tours.  Additionally, if you are planning a tour of Switzerland (by car), consider staying on the St. Gotthard pass, high up, with expansive views of the Alps.  If you do, a drive down the cobblestone Tremola Road (the old St. Gotthard pass) into Airolo in the morning is just as impressive.

While in the bunker, there are many artifacts from the years the bunker remained in service, many of which are in great condition.  Lastly, before you leave, be sure to check out the crystal room… on display are the largest crystals (up to 1m, all weighing 1.5 tons!) ever found in the Alps.


In the Alps #11

The “Into the Alps” photo series are snapshots from various trips we have taken in the Alps. Although the photos are primarily in black and white, they aim to show the natural beauty of the Alps in areas which may be of interest to others. We hope you enjoy this series and that you follow us to be a part of the updates.

This photo was taken on a cold November looking away from the mountain station of Gornergrat.  The window of the lift station Hohtälli reflects the setting sun as does the three peaks of Rimpfischhorn, Adlerhorn, and Schwartzberghorn.

A recommended overnight at Gornergrat might just surprise and captivate, as we were lucky to witness.

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