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We are still wrapped in all kinds of nature colors to be able to share our love of the natural world with families all around the globe. We are most grateful for a recent spread in the 20 Minuten (Zurich and Basel editions) for their coverage of our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland. Our hope is that families are inspired to experience all of the magic nature has to offer and Switzerland is the perfect place to experience that beauty.

Thank you and to pick-up one of our books, please visit the following website!

What Does Adventure Mean?


There is a lot of hype these days on getting your stoke on in the nature world. The more extreme, the better it seems. You see this on Instagram accounts and rescue teams will account for the extreme culture we are currently in. Save the shot and be smart when in the natural world.

Extreme in the Alps is not always wise with the potential to land you in a great deal of trouble. Before venturing out on any trail or adventure, here are a few tips to ensure success.

1. Know and check the weather forecasts. This is imperative in the Alps, especially since weather can change frequently and it does.

2. Check passes if a pass is part of your route. Passes can be dangerous especially after a heavy snow season, bad weather or extreme rain. Make sure the pass is clear before starting your journey.

3. Be prepared with a first aid kit. You never know when you may need medical supplies while on the trail.

4. Be aware of rock falls, avalanches and the elements, which all posses potential dangers.

5. Chair lift operators, tourist offices and hotel staff are great resources to ask whenever you may be in doubt.

6. Never rely on cell reception in the mountains. Instead, go old school and carry a map, know your route and follow trail markers.

7. Carry what you need with you, which includes layers for changing weather, a hat, sunglasses, plenty of water and of course, some snacks.

8. Dodge the photo and don’t put yourself at risk. Sure you might get lots of likes on Instagram, but perching yourself in a precarious pose in a dangerous location simply isn’t worth it.

9. Have fun! Switzerland is gorgeous beyond belief, so soak it all in, make the most of good weather and get out there!


Order A Book!


Photo credit HELVETIQ

We are pleased to announce that our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is now available through the Book Depository. If you are residing outside of Switzerland and looking for a way to purchase our book (free of shipping costs), pop on over to the Book Depository  and order your copy today. Then all you have to do is book your tickets to Switzerland and hit the trails!

*The book description is in German, however, the book is listed in English. To read more details on our book, click here.



What We’ve Learned


We recently had the honor of attending the 10th Annual Books on the Docks literary event in Morges, Switzerland. We went into the event cold, not knowing what to expect, feeling slightly intimidated by the language and the guests of honor. So many talented authors among us. Whew!  Such events, if we pay close attention, can be grand learning opportunities and this experience was no exception. Here are a few of our take-a-ways.

1. Print is not dead and amen for that! With all of the movement towards online reading devices one can always wonder if print will one day become obsolete. My hope is that print never dies because there is something so extraordinary about holding a book, or a work of art in your hands. To flip through its pages, to connect with the text and to make notes in its margins, oh the joy. I love my books, and I love leaving tiny treasures on their pages in the hopes that one day my children will find them long after I am gone and understand me that much more.

This event reminded us that people still revere books. To witness others marvel at covers, read a line in a book and hold them close to their heart is truly a beautiful thing to witness. May we continue to value print, honor books and celebrate those who write them because at the end of the day, reading is a mighty powerful tool that has the opportunity to transport us, to guide the reader, to impart endless wisdom and impart powerful dreams.

2. Writing is a labor of love. Anyone who has tried to place an idea on paper knows this. There is immense pressure in writing and writing is almost always a solo journey that leads the author down a road of desire, despair, self loathing, obsession, only to return to, what may be fulfillment in the end.

Sitting in a room filled with authors is a humbling experience. As you observe how others receive their audience, the questions they field, the smiles that cross their faces as they hear the words that every author longs to hear, “Thank you,” or “Your book means a great deal to me,” you are reminded that you don’t write for the money because trust us, there isn’t much to be had, you write because you feel compelled to share your story, your passion or your love of the written word. You write with the hopes that one person finds your work meaningful and for us, we write because we believe the more people forge a deep relationship with the natural world our futures may become that much brighter. Connecting people to nature is not easy, but we believe the benefits are worth the effort.

As we leave this post, we feel overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you to our publishers for the invite and for those that organized such a grand event.


Autumn is nearly here…


Now that it is almost autumn (you can feel it coming can’t you) and our favorite time to hike, here’s a little inspiration on how to spend the perfect fall weekend. You know, the kind of weekend that begs you to get outside and marvel in all the rich, brilliant colors, all the while wearing your favorite sweater and perhaps even a little hat and scarf. Oh, my, I am excited just thinking about the season that is upon us. Giddy in fact.

So, go and enjoy a long, gorgeous autumn hike (if you need a little inspiration, our book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is full of lovely family-friendly ideas) followed by a delicious, mouth watering fondue. The yummy cheesy dish that fills that house with a romantic aroma that just begs you to gather around the table, drink a class of wine or cognac and enjoy deep conversations with family and friends.

Hmm…if you think that might just hit the spot, well, we have just the book for you to create your own, delicious fondues right at home. Haute Fondue was created by Jennifer and Arnaud Favre and provides delicious inspiration for a warm meal, perfect after any outdoor excursion.

Now that the inspiration has been provided, all that is left to do is lace up those hiking boots, dust off the fondue pots and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Yum!




Haute Fondue (deutsch)


Both photo credits belong to HELVETIQ. Thank you!