Photo of the Week – May 30th

Our photo of the week is from a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were quite impressed with this city, as it had so much to offer.  A stroll up to Calton Hill (pictured), we were greeted by a loan bag-piper.  On another day we hiked up to Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park and were rewarded with outstanding views; this hike is easily achievable on foot.


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Edinburgh wasn’t necessarily on our radar, but with inexpensive tickets and easy accessibility (especially being about 7.5 months pregnant at the time of the trip) we thought it would be a great destination.

With little planning, but hearing so much about this fabulous city, we made the most of a four-day trip.

With our itinerary in hand, we walked, and walked through the streets of Edinburgh.

We have a policy about big cities, we pass – up public transportation and walk where we need to go this way we meander through lost alleys, charming streets and truly feel the magic of the city we are exploring.

And walking through this city certainly had its charms.

We were able to hear bagpipes, see men in skirts (Kilts, actually, they can really pull them off) and fall in love with the rhythm of the streets.

We relished in the opportunity to speak English freely to the locals, dined at some fabulous vegetarian restaurants and felt as though we truly got to know this delightful city.

Some things we learned in Scotland…

  1. Yes, men do wear skirts (Kilts) and they wear them quite frequently.
  2. Bagpipes are incredible…especially when played on open grounds under a whispering breeze.
  3. Scones are delicious and plentiful.
  4. Scottish accents are intoxicating!
  5. Hot and cold water in the sink do not combine to make one flowing faucet of warm water.  Hmmm.
  6. Bring a Jacket.

Finally, one of the most appealing aspects of Edinburgh was having the ability to leave the world of concrete and head into a world of serene nature.

Edinburgh was a city designed for those who enjoy green space, so we naturally felt right at home.

Prior to our trip, we read about Arthur’s Seat; a hike that takes you to a high point of Edinburgh (823 feet to be exact) and offers commanding views of the city.

Despite the gloomy forecast, Arthur’s Seat is a must – see Edinburgh excursion.

The day was filled with hiking, basking in the views, relishing in the glimpse of sunlight that broke through the clouds and just enjoying being outside in a gorgeous setting.

Time of Year: May
Duration: Long Weekend
Where we stayed: Blue Rainbow Apartments
Eats & Treats: Henderson’s (Vegetarian and Tasty!), St. Giles Street Cafe
Child Friendly? Yes, with a stroller.
Would we return? Yes, definitely.

Slideshow Edinburgh